Summer is the most awaited time of the year not only because another school year is finished, but because it is the perfect time to just relax at home or do other activities with the family or with friends. For some, summertime is vacation time; some planned and unplanned trips here and there. And when talking about a trip somewhere, we always have in mind to hit the open road and does a road trip across the country. Most of us want to have that same experience that those guys in the movies have during their cross-country road trip, having that sense of excitement and just wandering aimlessly not knowing where the next stop will be.

Although the idea of road tripping is enticing, especially for young adults who are under the age of 25, there is a dilemma that they have to face which is the case of underage car rental. It is the fact that most car rental companies don’t allow drivers who are under the age of 25 to drive their rental car. More of this will be discussed later

So, we have gathered some of the best reasons to travel across the USA this summer and they are listed below:


  1. It is the perfect time to really get to know the wonders of this country. With more people who prefer air travel, they have lost that sense of connection to the open road and everything that comes with it.

  1. There will be plenty of people to meet, especially when gassing up at gasoline stations. You will encounter people whom you never thought you would meet in your lifetime.


  1. Along the road, you will come across some natural wonder that will surely leave a lasting memory. Most of them you are familiar with are from the school textbooks, and getting that chance to be physically there is something worth traveling those miles on the road.


  1. Experiencing the countryside first hand is something that you can really dream about. Having a taste of their local food and culture will surely enlighten you and give you a better perspective in life.


  1. As sure as it may sound, cross-country road tripping will enhance your map-reading abilities. This will be a true test especially if you made a wrong turn and backtracking is your only option. It is when you will realize the importance of map and compass reading they taught you on Eagle Scout.


  1. And best of all, road tripping is still the best way to travel across the country. Gas prices may have spiked but that unforgettable journey will is worth more than what you spent on traveling.

Now, going back to the dilemma of underage car rental, the reason behind this is that statistically speaking, drivers who are under the age of 25 are more likely to be involved in car accidents compared to people above 25.


Although, the minimum age allowable to rent a car is 18 across the US and Canada, there are still some car rental companies that go with 20 as the minimum age except for New York and Michigan where it is completely 18 years old as the minimum age. These car rental companies add up what you call ‘Young Renter Fee’ which is applicable to renters who made a reservation who are at the age bracket of 20-24 years old.

When you’re young and you want to hit the road and drive across the US, don’t let these car rental companies tell you about underage car rental rules and stop you from exploring the countryside. Just be sure that you have a valid driver’s license and you will strictly follow the rules of the road and never drive under the influence of any substance as it will endanger not only your life but also the life of other people.