Longing for summer picnics loaded up with family and fun? Or perhaps you’re searching for romantic places where you can enjoy under the stars with your partner. In any case, picnicking in unique places all through the US has turned into a fun activity of choice for some. Picnicking in summer has rapidly turned into an activity that includes tailgating and barbecuing to wine picnics in California’s wine county. They can be as luxurious or simple as you like. Below are the top 5 of the best picnicking zones across the US. Thus, regardless of whether your idea of an outing is a family fun day at a neighborhood park or a day loaded up with fireworks and celebrations. You can add these five spots to your list of best picnicking scenes and hire a vehicle using Avis Wichita ks airport to take you around.

Cumberland Islands, Georgia

Only a couple of hours south of Savannah, this national seashore is picnicking heaven. It’s a pristine spot in the Deep South with more than 50 miles of climbing trails, shorelines, and camping. The trails are lined with trees canvassed in Spanish greenery and since it’s still a rustic zone the stars line up for a dynamite view every night and make the ideal night star-lit sentimental picnic opportunity.

Cranberry Islands, Maine

n this place, you’ll discover natural picnicking with tough island venues. These Cranberry Islands are a wonderful team of islands around 20 minutes seaward from Acadia National Park whose name originates from the wild low-shrub cranberries that develop all through the islands in the fall. You can go to the islands by private boat or ship service. Come with a lovely basket along for the ride as it’s a roughly romantic excursion zone to take your loved one or go for a family trip to visit the islands.

Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

In case you happen to be in Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon and the adjacent Spring Mountain Ranch State Park provide a welcome reprieve from the buzz of the 24-hour Vegas happenings. Located only 19 miles west of Vegas, it’s a trip worth taking. There are a lot of excursion zones along the drive and in close-by Spring Mountain Ranch State Park which as well outdoor theater and shows in summer months.

Grant Park, Chicago

In case you are searching for gourmet treats in Chicago and like a decent outing, Go for Taste of (a 10-day, lake-front, foodie celebration that occurs every year). Snatch a spot close to the wellspring to make the most of your outing and revel in the city and lake views to individuals watch and relax with loved ones. If you are there during the month of July date 4, ensure to design the day to incorporate the breathtaking fireworks show at the Navy Pier.

Big Sur, California

The zone Lobos State Reserve is a little pearl. It is actually, has frequently been classified “the crown gem of the State Park System.” Apart from the beach wildlife, there are uncommon plant varieties, fascinating archeological destinations, and special geological land formations. It is advised to come with a binocular since a lot of the wildlife can be viewed only at a distance. It’s ideal to arrive before the actual planned time. Hire a vehicle that is permitted in the Reserve at any time amid the day.